• The K-POP ICO homepage has been opened.

  • DATE 2018-03-09

March 9, 2018

The entertainment ICO professional platform K-POP ICO homepage has been opened.

K-POP ICO discovers promising domestic and international entertainment items and Securing investment support of entertainment producers through ICO's progression. It is used for item development by the entertainment producers. It is an entertainment ICO professional platform that was started to achieve the mutual growth of the entertainment producers and investors through the success of excellent items. 

In addition, the website provides various domestic and international entertainment ICO and investment information to inform investors about promising entertainment items and the ICO in progress.  

The K-Pop ICO will be committed to providing the platform for the success and development of both entertainment producers and investors alike. 

We would like to thank all of you for coming and ask you to participate in K-POP ICO platform. 

Thank you.