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Sapphire offers a unique gambling game experience, with world record prices, and industry best payout rates. The platform is backed by a team with strong technical expertise in implementing PCI DSS certified secure










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31 Jan 2018


28 Feb 2018




Sapphire has positioned itself as the exclusive currency for the biggest jackpot game of the world. It allows people to win the highest prices and use the tokens all over the world. One can also buy and sell them freely through the leading digital exchanges. The exchanges allow for the buying and selling of numerous digital currencies for which they charge nominal transaction and exchange fees.

The gaming platform is designed to provide an industry record return percentage of close to or equal to 100%. It is more accessible to casual players. The fun and engaging games are easy to play and always available to players without time constraints. It provides higher grand prize as rewards than most of the existing grand lotteries that are largely random number generating lotteries. There is a multi-step reward system that allows the players to win instant prices along the way to the grand jackpot.

How does it work?

-The game can only be played with the Sapphire Coin or SPH.
-The coin is available for purchase through the ICO similar to Storiqa, Dragon, Perkscoin, Inspeer, Bananacoin, CoinStarter, or through selected cryptocoin exchanges.
-The game is played using game statistics to enhance the chances of winning.
-The players play with just the click of a button.
-Gambling can be done through any device and at any time, with the average playing round lasting less than a minute.
-Game metrics allow for skill-based gaming in a smarter way.
-Active players are rewarded regularly.
-To earn better rewards, one will have to play smarter and for longer.


Until now, the gaming industry has lacked a versatile currency that could be used specifically for gaming and gambling purpose. Sapphire developers aim to provide a platform for the gamers where they can play games and also have the chance to win millions with just a single click.

Advantages for players

-The platform allows you to win rewards even before the game is ready.
-A weekly “Win Without Playing” lottery is held in which several rewards range from 10K to 1M tokens.
-The draw is held for the current token investors and buyers.
-The gaming platform allows you to become a millionaire with just one click.
-The tokens are essentially smart contracts that are developed on Ethereum blockchain.
-ERC20 compliant tokens empower the developers to predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum ecosystem.
-Compliance to ERC20 means all the wallets that support the Ether currency also support ERC20 compliant tokens.
-ERC20 defines six different functions related to user access to the tokens, how they are transferred etc.
-This ensures that different tokens will function the same way within the Ethereum ecosystem.

About Sapphire ICO

The ICO will help the gaming platform seek early investors and players to help in its funding for development and marketing. Early buyers will be offered the tokens at a discounted price and given more benefits.

The ICO will help the management fund their new projects and expand the existing one to provide users with a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience. The developers have plans in the pipeline to provide more functionality to the gaming platform in the months to come, to make it the favorite choice of the gamers and gamblers all over the world.

1 – In the pre-sales phase, buyers will be given the offer to buy 1 token and get 10 tokens, with each token having the nominal price of 0.10 Euros.

2 – In the pre-ICO phase, buyers will have the option to buy 1 token and get 5 tokens with a nominal price of 0.20 Euros per token.

3 – In the ICO phase, buyers will be allowed to get 3 tokens when they buy 1 token, at a nominal price of 0.33 Euros per token.

4 – During the post-ICO phase, when the project will be ready and the token is made available through the exchanges, the nominal price of the token will be set to 1.00 Euros per token.


-Presales start in October 2017.
-Pre ICO starts in January 31st
-ICO sales start Q1 or Q2 2018, they will inform later.


The nominal value of Sapphire Coin (SPH) is: I SPH = 1.00 EUR

The tokens are created as per ERC20 standard compliance.

The total supply of tokens will be 1 billion.

Tokens to be distributed as per the below segregation

-100M tokens will be released in the pre-sale phase.
-10% of tokens will be sold to the early investors.
-200M tokens will be released during the pre-ICO phase.
-180M or 18% of tokens will be sold to the buyers.
-20M or 2% of tokens will be held for the founders.
-300M tokens will be released in the ICO phase.
-30% of tokens will be put on sale for the buyers.
-400M tokens will be released during the post-ICO sale period.
-3M or 33% of tokens will be given out as game rewards to the players or allocated for special events.
-7M or 6.67% of tokens will be sold to new players.


To protect the interests of the investors, Sapphire has entered into an agreement with PayApi Escrow Ltd. for third-party secure payments. The funds will be held until the required milestones are achieved. The escrow arrangement is done for the benefit of the investors. They will get the full refund minus the processing fee in case the funding targets are not met. So, the investors could be rest assured that their investment is safe with Sapphire and they are not going to lose it in any event.

Sapphire team

The team consists of seasoned experts who have extensive experience in gaming technologies and gaming platforms. Key functionaries of the team include:

-Panu Maki, COO, Senior Director, Partner, Entrepreneur and Airline Captain
-Matti Vilola, CEO of PayApi Escrow Ltd.


Sapphire offers a unique gambling game experience, with world record prices, and industry best payout rates. It is similar to other ICO’ s such as DenCity, Upline, Dimensions Network, Cryptoneum, SERENITY, Fintechbit . The platform is backed by a team with strong technical expertise in implementing PCI DSS certified secure enterprise application platforms and online gambling platforms.

The gaming platform is far ahead of the others in many respects and has the high potential to become the favorite of gamers and gamblers who want to make it big in the quickest time.